Switching to solar saves Susan KES1,600 a month

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Susan and her family only live 70km outside of Nairobi but in Ukambani there is limited access to mains electricity. Before using solar energy, Susan was using kerosene to light their home and the lamps were costing her family around 3,000 Kenyan shillings a month, roughly US$30.

Since switching to the Azuri Quad Solar home System, Susan now pays US$13 a month for lighting. Susan’s Quad system also includes mobile phone charging, and a solar-powered radio and torch.

Now they are saving time and money, as they no longer need to walk to town and pay for mobile phone charging or buy batteries for their radio and torch.

Susan believes the biggest impact of switching to solar was the effect the lights had on her children.

Now they are much more interested in reading and their studies because they can see clearly at night. They are also healthier and coughing less now that they aren’t being exposed to kerosene fumes.

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