Azuri Technologies is committed to being an off-grid market leader that minimises the impact of its activities on the environment through all stages of the product lifecycle.

We do this by:

– Designing, manufacturing and delivering products that are safe, simple to use, have good lifetime characteristics and facilitate end-of-life treatment.

– Extending the useful lifetime of products where practicable, by ensuring that replacement parts and service are available to our customers, and by refurbishing and re-using unwanted products.

– Promoting the recovery, recycling and responsible end-of-life treatment of our products throughout the distribution chain from warehouse to customer.

– Investing in technology, systems, and our distribution partners so that we can efficiently deliver support and service close to our customers.

– Selecting and working with supplier, logistics and distribution partners that share our ambitions and expectations for minimising the social and environmental risks of our (and their) products and services.

– Participating in industry and market initiatives which support the development of appropriate infrastructure for the recycling and end-of-life treatment of solar off-grid products.

– Meeting or exceeding applicable legislative requirements that relate to Azuri wherever we operate.

Over and above these key elements of our policy, we continuously seek ways of improving the sustainability of our business and communicating this to our employees and partners.

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