Joyce’s shop no longer shuts at sunset

//Joyce’s shop no longer shuts at sunset

Joyce runs a general store in Merille, Kenya. A small town 400km north of Nairobi, located in the Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust. In 2017, Joyce had an AzuriTV solar home system installed in her shop. Before her solar system was installed, Joyce would close her shop before sunset, so that she didn’t have to walk home in the dark.

Joyce could not keep her store open after dark because there wasn’t an option to light her store.

Since her AzuriTV was installed, Joyce’s business has drastically improved. Now, Joyce can open her shop early in the morning to sell milk and sugar for the breakfast rush, and in the evenings, she continues to keep her store open until there are no customers.

Joyce told Azuri that many people would comes from around the local area to her store to watch her AzuriTV and to see the solar lights.

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