Solar helping save money and improve life on the farm

//Solar helping save money and improve life on the farm

Henry and his grandmother Teresia live in Nakuru county in rural Kenya. Henry has just finished university and is now moved back to the countryside to run the family farm. His ambition is to learn how to be a better farmer to take care of his grandmother who still lives on the family farm. The family grows tomatoes, butternuts, mangos, and has dairy cows.

Before switching to solar they were using a kerosene lamp for lighting and a car battery to charge power their TV.

After the sunset, Henry’s grandmother was struggling to read and weave baskets in the evenings and was suffering from the pollution emitted from the kerosene lantern.

Henry’s weekly spend in Kenyan Shillings for energy and charging devices was roughly

– 300Ksh per week on kerosene

– 100Ksh on batteries

– 200Ksh for the TV and car battery

– 100Ksh for mobile phone charging.

– Total weekly spend was 700Ksh.

Now that Henry has installed an AzuriTV Solar Home System and once he has paid for the system in 18 months Henry will be saving 700Ksh per week and his solar system will be generating free and clean electricity for the family.

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