PayGo Solar Energises New Generations

In Kisumu County, Kenya, Jane Odondi had a fundamental problem: every day, her children’s books were set down with the sun. Each child needed light to study after dark, but multiple paraffin lamps would be too expensive to light every night and the children couldn’t see well if they shared the light.

Jane constantly struggled between allowing her children to study and worrying about the dangers of paraffin, versus having to tell them they couldn’t read and write at night. Sore eyes, breathing problems, and risk of toxic spills and burns are an every day burden to her children who want to use light at night. House fires are common from candles or lamps, and Jane says everyone knows someone who has suffered badly from the impact of kerosene.

After seeing the Azuri stall at market one day, Jane saw it was possible to have affordable, clean energy with PayGo solar. Jane chose the AzuriTV package and saw it installed the next day: 4 LED lights with switches, solar panel, rechargeable radio, solar TV and rechargeable torch.

Education through entertainment

When Jane’s children came home from school that evening, she was delighted. “They sat apart, comfortable, and spread their books out everywhere! They could share the bright light, see everything, and it’s completely clean. No fumes, no fire, just clean.”

Jane’s children enjoy the light so much, they bring their friends over to share it too. It’s not all book work, either – the TV is in constant use.

“Swahili movies, English documentaries, Nat Geo and Nickelodeon – their English, science and Kiswahili grades at school have gone up so much because they have so much more exposure now that I couldn’t give them before.”

Within one year of having her AzuriTV, Jane’s children have begun to excel in school. Her eldest son, Opiyo, has improved so much from being able to study comfortably each evening that he has been offered a place at a prestigious high school. The opportunity to study independently and at leisure has changed his outlook entirely, Jane says, as he can now see a better future for himself.

A new home

Jane’s career as a science and geography teacher has also improved leaps and bounds, something she attributes directly to having TV in her home.

“Watching the scientific channels has helped me better understand what I am teaching.”

“As they say, seeing is believing. This has made me voted as the best teacher in the school in 3 categories in 1 year. They also gave me a Ksh5,000 per month pay rise!”

What’s more, Jane’s home life has improved greatly too. Whereas previously being in the home felt claustrophobic, isolated and boring, Jane has information, communication and entertainment at her fingertips at all times: “ever since I got the Azuri package, loneliness is a forgotten story. It’s a new home’’.

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