My children can read for as long as they want!

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Pamela Auma Mbori is a farmer from a small agricultural business who was introduced to Azuri Quad Solar Home System some 8 months ago by a local agent and since then she hasn’t looked back.

Pamela was grateful to be introduced to a more reliable power solution for her family amid concerns for her children’s low academic performance and basic safety.

Pamela told us that she often spend a lot of money buying paraffin so that her children could have access to some light, but even then, they had limited time for reading and they would often have to go out into the night to find extra paraffin.

With Azuri Quad, Pamela says her children can now read as long as they want and she has made big savings because she no longer has to pay for paraffin and pay for charging her phone, which she can now do for free with her Azuri Quad.

Pamela also no longer has to fear what her children may encounter at night while looking for paraffin. They are safe at home and able to concentrate on their studies.

When we asked Pamela what she would tell others in similar circumstances she said she would say: ‘It’s just awesome! Go for it! You not only get bright, quality light, but phone charging and a good warranty, as well as good customer care. You save money and you don’t need to go long distances to find a dealer.’

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