Smart solar technology that solves customers’ energy needs

Award-Winning Products

Azuri has been honoured with numerous industry accolades for its innovation.
Our high-quality products are designed to meet the challenges of living off-grid in Africa and enhance the lives of our customers. Each product meets the high Quality Standards of Lighting Global, an initiative of the World Bank and IFC.
Azuri is a key contributor and advisor to the global community committed to affordable, renewable energy solutions and is working with local government bodies in Africa to help accelerate universal access to energy.
As an active member of GOGLA, the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry, Azuri is highly committed to consumer standards and protection.


‘Light all night’ with HomeSmartTM machine-learning technology

Advanced Technology

Azuri HomeSmart™ is unique technology that brings state-of-the-art machine learning to solar homes in Africa.
HomeSmart™ learns a customer’s typical power-usage pattern and adapts energy output to manage the system to the customer’s needs.
Unlike conventional systems that can shut down early in cloudy conditions, Azuri HomeSmart™ monitors and adapts to climatic conditions to ensure customers have ‘light at night’.
This novel use of machine learning in the context of small domestic solar home systems has attracted numerous global awards.


Innovative financing for a rapidly growing sector

Innovative Financing Unleashing Solar

Azuri believes innovative financing has the potential to revolutionise the off-grid power sector.
Our company has successfully worked with and continues to partner with a wide variety of global financiers. Grant providers including AECF and USAID have supported Azuri’s entry into new markets and accelerated product development efforts.
Azuri has worked with crowd-funders such as TRINE and Lendahand, while results-based-financing initiatives funded by GIZ and Global LEAP have also accelerated the rollout of new products in underserved markets.
In 2017, based on our solid historical customer payment track record, Azuri launched its receivables financing program with support from the European Union program ElectriFI, where debt is secured against forward customer revenues. The innovative design of the debt facility allows commercial investors to finance the growth of the sector in a targeted and sustainable way.


Teaming up with local partners to reach the most remote customers

Unique Reach in the Last Mile

Azuri believes strong local partnerships, alongside high-quality products and scalable financing, are the three keys to its success.
In each of our core markets, Azuri has teamed up with leading local companies who have a well-established presence and infrastructure, payment capabilities, and last-mile agent networks that can support customer reach.
Azuri’s innovative partnership model has enabled our company to grow into new markets quickly and serve its customers cost-effectively.
In 2018, Azuri announced a co-marketing agreement with Unilever, the first example of a pay-as-you-go business partnering with a global FMCG brand to accelerate the distribution of Azuri’s life-changing solar products to off-grid rural customers.

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