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Azuri brings top class lighting to rural African market


Azuri’s new generation LED lamps have been designed specifically for African off-grid rural markets. Encased in Azuri yellow ABS plastic, the new lamps combine a sophisticated look with robust design and incorporate the latest LEDcard technology.

As many of the 600 million off-grid consumers in sub Saharan Africa experience 12 hours of darkness every night, clean home lighting is crucial in improving quality of life and optimising productivity. In designing these lamps, Azuri’s mission was to go further, to allow rural African consumers to benefit from a top quality product, whose performance and efficiency exceeds that found in most typical homes and businesses in developed markets.

Available in two variants, incorporating either standard (60 lumen minimum) or high brightness (120 lumen minimum) LEDcards, the new lamps feature in Azuri’s fully digital solar home systems, and provide a lighting quality more akin to that of on-grid products in developed markets.

"Best-in-class solutions...specifically for today’s rural consumer"

The new LED lamps produce a superior quality of light compared to many earlier solar products available to rural off-grid users. Using a typical Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 4000K, the new lights deliver a balanced white/yellow light which is warmer on the colour spectrum, creating illumination that is more restful on the eye and reduces the potential for sleep disruption compared to cooler, white-blue light.

The lamps deliver a typical conversion efficiency of 147 lumens/watt and operate at low voltage, which is important when powering from a battery, ensuring maximum light output from a given battery charge. This, coupled with Azuri’s fully digitally-controlled solar home system designs, allows for a precisely controlled shine for the duration of use.

Part of the innovation of Azuri’s home solar system is its pay-as-you-go model, where top-up credit is bought on a weekly basis to allow payment for the system to be spread over a period of 12 to 18 months. Accordingly, the lamps have been designed to be robust and durable, providing optimal output for at least 15,000 hours, or 2,500 days based on 6 hours of use each night, to ensure that each solar home system can continue to provide free, clean light to the consumer long after they have completed payment.


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