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Introducing: Quad

A new generation of off-grid solar technology


Designed and developed by Azuri, Quad is the next generation in PayGo solar systems for rural off-grid homes. The new solution features HomeSmart™, a unique control system which adapts its output depending on weather conditions and customers’ energy usage patterns.

Extending the success of the Indigo product family, Quad includes:

  • A top quality, durable 10W solar panel
  • Four high brightness LED lamps, providing a total output of 300 lumens and featuring quality LEDcard technology
  • A USB port, with charging cable and connectors for most mobile phones
  • Full digital switching, allowing the user to control all lights and charging from the central unit
  • Azuri’s patented HomeSmart™ adaptive energy provision

This flagship system offers a unique level of performance and system automation in powering the off-grid rural home and with a simple set up process Quad is easy to install, top-up, and go!

Read more about Azuri and HomeSmart™ below, or learn more about Azuri’s top class LED lamps.

A world leading technology...for the rural African consumer

Recent research conducted by Azuri found its customers had varying usage patterns throughout the day, and from day to day. The amount of power available also varied, dependent on the seasons. For this reason, optimal configuration of a solar home system will vary by user and over time.

The patented HomeSmart™ technology is Azuri’s solution to providing the best possible service to each of its customers, every day. The technology monitors the customer’s power usage patterns until it can start to predict the customer’s requirement. Armed with this intelligence, HomeSmart™ actively optimises light brightness, battery charging and load conditions, to ensure the system delivers the best possible match to the customer’s typical daily requirement with the available power.

For example, in the rainy season when power is at a premium, the system will automatically slightly dim the lights in the evening on days when there is less sunshine to maximise the remaining power in the morning. HomeSmart™ is also fully automatic; requiring no user intervention, it brings a new level of intelligence to the traditional PayGo solar home system.

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Smarter solar with PayGo power access


As with all Azuri products, the Quad system offers pay-as-you-go access to clean, renewable power. After a small installation fee, the Quad product can be topped up, either weekly or monthly, via scratch card and SMS, or alternatively, it can be fully integrated with mobile money services, according to the requirements of the region.

These regular top-ups pay off the cost of the unit over a period, after which the customer can choose to either unlock the system and access energy freely, or upgrade to a more powerful model. Azuri has selected and designed Quad’s components with quality and durability in mind, to ensure that off-grid customers can still access quality home lighting and mobile phone charging long after they have finished their payment period.

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