The Economist: Africa Unplugged

//The Economist: Africa Unplugged

The Economist’s Africa Editor, Jonathan Rosenthal, interviewed Azuri’s CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth to learn more about our HomeSmart power management technology.

Read extracts from the article below:

“In northern Rwanda, where fewer than one in ten homes has access to electricity, simple solar systems that do not rely on the grid—and use a battery to store electricity for use at night—are a leap into modernity. A service once available only to rich Africans in big towns or cities is now available for just a few dollars a week. People are able to light their rooms, charge a smartphone and listen to the radio…

…Just a few years ago the idea that “off-grid” systems could fill the gap seemed preposterous: the market was dominated by charities giving away solar-powered lanterns that could produce a few hours of light at night. But as technology and venture capital firms have entered the market, the industry has quickly evolved…

…Big change has been in the development of devices that use less electricity. The most important of these are light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, which provide illumination with about 20% of the energy of conventional bulbs. But energy savings are also spreading to phones, televisions, fans and radios. Azuri Technologies is taking this a step further by building intelligent solar systems that learn how their users typically use energy. The system then uses this information to ensure it never leaves them in the dark. If a cloudy day reduces the amount of power it collected then it will imperceptibly dim the lights and television to keep them running.”

Jonathan Rosenthal’s article was published on 29th October 2016 in The Economist.

To read the full article, visit The Economist here:

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