Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Financial Inclusion

In sub-Saharan Africa, a lack of financial inclusion leaves millions excluded from the formal economy.
For many, pay-as-you-go solar is their first experience of mobile money and payment services.
Through weekly and or monthly instalments, Azuri customers are able to build a payment profile which they can use to access additional financial services.
Azuri is also making it possible for off-grid consumers to access micro-insurance services through HospiCash, a unique, affordable income cover and life insurance exclusive to rural solar customers. 

Improved Health

Many living off-grid are forced to rely on kerosene lamps or other harmful alternatives for lighting their homes.
The impact of solar is widely recognised, particularly on health and wellbeing for families no longer exposed to the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels.
Studies also show that a reduction in fuel expenditure can lead to increased spending on food, and through it, to better nutritional outcomes.
The impact of solar-powered TV and radio in raising awareness and understanding of health and social issues is also widely recognised.

Local Employment

With around two-thirds of Africans living in rural areas and a growing youth population, lack of infrastructure is a major driver of urban migration.
Solar is helping stem the tide of urban migration by creating new opportunities across struggling rural communities.
Azuri employs local agents to support customers and is committed to generating more local opportunities for local people.
In fact, Azuri has created more than 5,000 new jobs across sub-Saharan Africa and provides equal opportunities for men and women.

For every 10,000 units installed


Many school children in sub-Saharan Africa struggle with inadequate sources of light for studying at home.
Bright solar lights not only provide clean, reliable lighting, but children no longer have to strain to read and can spend more time on their studies at night.
Access to solar-powered radio or TV is also helping to enhance learning and improve communication skills.
A recent survey of Azuri customers showed that 98% believed their communication skills and knowledge of local and world events had vastly improved as a result of solar TV.

Rural Entrepreneurs

Without reliable electricity, millions are forced to close their businesses or leave their farms early because they need to be get home before dusk.
Azuri’s innovative and award-winning solar products are helping businesses stay open longer, improve productivity and earn more.
Recent findings show that nearly 60% of off-grid solar owners undertake more work and enterprise within just three months of using a solar home system.
Solar is also inspiring customers to start up new businesses as a result of having reliable, clean energy.

Media Inclusion

Access to the latest news and information is something many take for granted.
For millions not connected to the grid, accessing basic communication services or broadcasts is very difficult.
Solar is delivering unrivalled connectivity to off-grid households. Solar-powered radio and TV is connecting off-grid homes to the latest news, information, and entertainment from around the world.
Solar is helping rural-based people to play an active and engaged role in society.

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