I used to go to my neighbours to hear the news

//I used to go to my neighbours to hear the news

Millicent Alice Emolo is a businesswoman dealing with hardware and M-Pesa services in the local markets.

Millicent heard about AzuriTV through a neighbour and local Azuri agent Mr Baism, and she has been enjoying her Azuri service for over 6 months now.

Before installing AzuriTV, Millicent felt isolated from news and information from the outside world.

Millicent wasn’t connected to the grid and therefore, had no means of powering a TV, so when Millicent and her children wanted to access information, they would have to visit a neighbour to listen to the news.

Since installing AzuriTV, Millicent’s children are now enjoying regular access to news and other programmes, and they can spend more time studying at home.

Millicent says she has shared, and will continue to share, her Azuri experience with neighbours and friends and encourages them to improve their livelihood through the Azuri solutions available.

‘I love my AzuriTV and radio. The products are superior in quality and readily available, with excellent after-sales service and care,’ adds Millicent.

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