Solar helping Esther to expand her business

//Solar helping Esther to expand her business

Esther Achieng Omeno is a businesswoman selling different varieties of fruits and for some 9 months has been using her Azuri Quad Solar Home System as her sole source of energy.

A fellow businesswoman introduced Esther to the benefits of Azuri.

Before that, Esther was using a kerosene lantern which was not only proving expensive but exposed her to smoke and increased the risk of fire.

Esther is now enjoying clean energy, and the money she was using on fuelling her kerosene lamp, she can now use to expand her business.

Just as her fellow businesswoman did, Esther is now sharing her experience with Azuri and encouraging her neighbours to turn to clean solar energy.

Esther tells us that Azuri has changed her life and she recommends Azuri products to everyone she meets because of the affordability for low-income earners and because of the quality and effective

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