Azuri solar TV featured in new video from Efficiency for Access Coalition

//Azuri solar TV featured in new video from Efficiency for Access Coalition

The award-winning solar home satellite TV from pay-as-you-go solar pioneer Azuri Technologies is featured in a new video from the Efficiency for Access, a coalition that aims to accelerate global energy access by promoting energy-efficient appliances.

The video shows how solar TV offers important social benefits and not simply entertainment value. In the video, a single mother of four Teresa Lekuraki, from Samburu, in Kenya shares the story of how her AzuriTV has helped her children’s education and provides them with a window to the world.

In Samburu, 68% of people have no formal education and only 6% of homes have access to electricity. Teresa Lekuraki says solar TV has improved her family’s day-to-day lives. The family spends more time together as they watch the latest information and news from Kenya as it happens and the children’s awareness of the world around them has improved considerably and helped them in their school work and communication.

Azuri, a leader in pay-as-you-go solar in Africa, was the first company to introduce a complete pay-as-you-go solar satellite TV solution to homes in Africa in 2016, featuring a 24-inch solar TV, over 60 satellite TV channels and 20 radio channels, powerful LED lighting system, rechargeable radio and torch, and mobile phone charging.

Azuri last month unveiled a new 32-inch solar TV priced at only KSh129 per day. Among new the new features unveiled, the 32-inch TV comes with Azuri ToughScreenTM technology, designed to resist accidental damage during normal use in the home.

While many think of TV as simply offering entertainment, the video highlights how solar TV offers provides a range of important social benefits including access to news and information and providing ‘unprecedented connectivity’ for people without access to power. According to a recent Efficiency for Access Coalition study, televisions are the second most desired off-grid appliance, with only solar lighting being ranked more highly.

A recent survey of Azuri customers confirms the enormous social and economic impact of access TV, particularly for women and children. Meanwhile, 98% said they felt more aware of local and international affairs and that children feel more confident in discussing current topics in school.  92% of the customers said watching television programs in their preferred language had improved their communications skills, while 60% of families with school-age children also reported seeing their children improve reading, writing and speaking skills since purchasing the AzuriTV system.

AzuriTV is designed specifically for off-grid households.

According to the Efficiency for Access Coalition, appropriately-designed, energy-efficient products, such as AzuriTV and complete home lighting products, are essential to scaling global energy access efforts.

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