I was the first person in my village with electricity

//I was the first person in my village with electricity

Alice lives in Vota, a small town, two hours’ drive outside of Nairobi. Her family didn’t have access to electricity before they had an Azuri Quad unit installed in their home. Before using solar, Alice and her family used kerosene and candles to light their home in the evening. The fumes from the kerosene lanterns caused her sons to have lung problems, and it was very difficult for them to study at night.

Having access to solar electricity was truly life-changing for Alice and her family. Her two boys could now study after sunset (without any coughing) and quickly their grades improved. Alice told us how happy her children were the first time they walked home from the town and saw their home light up on the hill, it was the only home with electricity.

The Azuri Quad system also includes a radio, and often Alice’s neighbours would come over to her home in the

evening to listen to the radio. Having access to solar-powered media meant that Alice was more informed of what

was happening in her area and felt more valued in her community.

Ensuring that this type of technology is affordable is vital for Alice. Otherwise, Alice wouldn’t have been able to afford electricity if she had to pay for the system up front. With Azuri she can pay for solar energy in weekly/monthly instalments through Azuri’s integrated mobile money pay-as-you-go service.

My boys were so proud that we were the first to get light. I will never use kerosene again now that I have solar.

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