An agent success story

//An agent success story

Since Azuri was founded in 2012, over a thousand jobs have been created across sub-Saharan Africa. Florence is just one of many Azuri Agents who is extremely dedicated to bringing solar energy to rural Kenyans. She has worked for Azuri for the last two years and now has seven agents working for her.

Transport is one of the biggest challenges for Florence and her team because they don’t stop when the roads stop. We call it last-mile distribution, for Florence and her team that means using a motorbike to get to the most rural parts of Kenya and when they can’t get through with a motorbike they walk. Her team is extremely dedicated because they want the benefits of solar energy to be available for all Kenyans.

When Florence first moved to the Ukambani region she learnt the local vernacular in order to be able to explain Azuri better to her customers. There is a strong sense of community in this area. Florence felt personally responsible for ensuring that her customers never used kerosene again. During some weeks, in between harvests, Florence would loan money to some of her customers to ensure that they always had access to electricity.

Her aim is that none of her customers should ever have to use kerosene again.

The Azuri business model has generated hundreds of jobs which enable people to stay in the countryside like it did for Florence and her team. Florence has two sons that are now both studying at university, she could afford to keep them in school because of her added income as an Azuri Agent.

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