Pioneering solar products and services for off-grid households

Unique Approach

Since 2012, Azuri has delivered affordable solar home systems on a commercial basis to customers in 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The company has sold more than 150,000 systems, impacting more than 750,000 lives.
Without electricity, rural Africans are forced to use lighting alternatives, such as, candles, batteries, and kerosene lamps, which can represent as much as a third of the net income for poorer households. Apart from being denied light at night, a lack of power also means simple things like recharging a mobile phone becomes a major logistic challenge, often necessitating a long journey to the nearest phone-charging kiosk. The price paid for mobile phone charging then becomes about 100 times the cost of equivalent power in the West.
Azuri’s long-term vision is to bridge the digital and services gap that exists between urban and rural communities through the power of solar. A proud member of key industry bodies, Azuri regularly engages with governments, policy-makers and global leaders around the world to help shape this exciting new sector.
Azuri works in close collaboration with locally-based partner companies to deliver, support and maintain its solar products and services specially designed for off-grid households. Local partners have extensive regional knowledge and expertise, and existing infrastructure such as shops, transportation and training. By working with these leading local companies, Azuri is able to reach the most remote consumers and provide a genuine local point of contact to ensure a high quality customer journey.
When Azuri first started few homes used solar, but now our products are changing lives and reducing the challenges of living off-grid with over half a million people in East Africa plugging into Azuri power.

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Azuri CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth speaks about the role of solar technology in addressing the energy challenges of emerging economies.

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Solar energy is helping to close the digital gap and empowering ‘the last billion’, explains Azuri CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth.

Meet the Senior Team

Alan Harper
Alan HarperChairman
Alan is also a Non-Executive Director at MTN, Africa’s largest telecoms provider, focussing notably on growth in emerging markets.
Simon Bransfield-Garth
Simon Bransfield-Garth Chief Executive Officer
Simon currently sits on the Governing Council of the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) and has been recognised as a ‘technology pioneer’ by the likes of World Economic Forum.
Liam Hickey
Liam HickeyChief Financial Officer
Liam is a qualified Chartered Accountant who has worked with private investors and financial institutions in a number of countries across East and West Africa.
Vera Nwanze
Vera NwanzeGeneral Manager, West Africa
Vera has over 20 years’ commercial expertise in sales and business development working in African markets.
Snehar Shah
Snehar ShahGeneral Manager, East Africa
Snehar has more than 20 years’ expertise in investment, finance and business development focussing on African markets.
Nigel Preston
Nigel PrestonVP of Product Development
Nigel has over 30 years’ experience in embedded electronic systems development and manufacture.
Collins Oneko
Collins OnekoOperations Director, East Africa
Collins has extensive experience in sales management, having worked more than 30 years with leading global consumer brands in and outside of Africa.
Steve Haigh
Steve HaighVP Software and Services
Steve has extensive expertise in software project delivery and leadership, and specialises in user experience, software product design and digital service delivery and operation.
Jamie Vollbracht
Jamie VollbrachtStrategy Advisor / Non-Executive Director
Jamie is the Cleantech Director at IP Group and has spent over a decade commercialising innovative clean energy technologies.

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