Business green leaders award

Indigo has been recognised as ‘Renewable Energy Project of the Year’ award at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards.

The Indigo pay-as-you-go solar system was commended by the judges for its commitment to the overarching evaluation criteria of ‘innovation and applicability.’ By combining mobile and solar technology, the Indigo solution provides the benefits of solar with the affordability of pay-as-you-go phones delivering energy, health and economic benefits for rural communities in developing countries. Indigo combines a sustainable technology with a sustainable business model to deliver impact at scale and is having a transformative impact on the lives of families in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and South Sudan.

Over 200 entries were submitted for this year’s Awards and the organisers praised the innovation and ingenuity displayed by the wide range of transformative sustainability projects being pursued by the UK’s leading green companies.