How it works

Affordable solar power is now only an SMS away 

Indigo in, power out

The idea of pay-as-you-go and scratch cards is universally understood from mobile phones, which have deep penetration even in the most remote emerging markets. Indigo allows users to buy scratchcards to pay for their energy, just as they would for their mobile phones.

The Indigo scratchcard is validated using SMS from a mobile phone and the resulting one-off passcode entered into the Indigo unit which causes it to operate for a period of time (typically a week). Customers are able to charge their mobile phone and have 8 hours of clean lighting for two rooms, whilst saving money – some of which can pay for the next Indigo scratchcard.

After a period of time, our customers have paid off the cost of their unit and have the unique option to upgrade to a larger system and access more energy through the Indigo Energy Escalator.