Energy that Fits Around You

Katherine has had her Azuri Duo unit for almost 2 years, completely transforming her work-home balance. She originally heard about Azuri’s PayGo solar technology through a neighbour: “They told me about the shop in Kitale. I paid for installation of my unit with proceeds from a women’s group”. Within just one week Katherine was able to see the financial benefits that her friend had told her about.

Katherine's children, now able to study without fear of health hazards from kerosene

Katherine’s children study every evening now they have clean light

“I am relieved from daily expenditure on fuel; I just pay once a week.”

The saving of over 50% on her energy bill was Katherine’s initial attraction to the service. Before Azuri, she was paying 50ksh a day on harmful Kerosene to light her home. Now she’s paying just 140ksh weekly, less than half the cost.

“Now I am never disconnected, I am always with my phone!”

On phone charging, too, Katherine has seen a huge difference in her spending pattern. “I charge my phone most days, as I also use it as a radio” she explains, “before Azuri, I was paying 10Ksh per phone charge, as well as 30Ksh for transport to the charging shop”. Now her phone charging is included free in the on-demand solar energy from her Azuri unit.

“Kerosene makes me feel unsafe.”

Katherine sees clear benefits from solar compared to kerosene, not just in cost of fuel but also in how she is able to trust the equipment. While she couldn’t leave a kerosene lamp burning and leave the house, she has no fears of leaving the solar light on if she needs to. For her children, it’s a fantastic opportunity, because they can use the lights, for study or play, even when she is not in the house.

Katherine’s hesitancy to let her children play near kerosene lamps is founded in a memory of a recent tragedy; only last year, her neighbour’s house burnt down in a fire caused by an exploding kerosene lamp. “When we used kerosene lamps, I had to carry it around with me to ensure that my children weren’t touching it – so I had to keep lighting it, putting it out, and relighting later – so now even matches last for longer! Before, a pack of 40 matches would only last 2 days – now they last at least a week.”

Azuri Paygo solar has changed Katherine’s life by making her finally making her energy fit around her. “I’ve had no issues – it’s easy,” she explains. “The lights are plentiful – and mobile phone charging too.”