Company overview

About Azuri

Azuri Technologies is a product and service company that delivers affordable solar power in emerging markets. By combining solar and mobile phone technology, the company’s Indigo product family enables users to benefit from clean renewable energy and simultaneously reduce their energy spend by as much as half.

Azuri’s objective is to bring power at scale to off-grid customers worldwide, providing basic needs that are regarded as routine in developed countries.

“The Indigo pay-as-you-go system appears to deliver a much needed
answer to the energy needs of millions in the developing world” (World Energy Forum)

1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to electricity and are forced to burn fossil fuels for basic needs such as lighting. Historically the high up-front costs of solar have prohibited wider uptake of small solar systems in many parts of Africa and Asia.

By combining solar and mobile phone technology, Indigo enables solar electricity to be delivered as a service using scratchcards for payment. Users begin with a system capable of 8 hours of fume-free lighting for two rooms and mobile phone charging, whilst immediately cutting their weekly spend on kerosene and mobile phone charging fees. Customers are able to grow their Indigo system over time to deliver lighting, media, communications and information, enabling families to access progressively more electricity and ultimately reach full home electrification.

A short introduction to Azuri 

Our history

Indigo was first developed by the Azuri team within the Cambridge University spin-out, Eight19 Ltd. The first product deployments took place in September 2011 and Indigo now has an established presence across Africa. Azuri was formed by Eight19 in August 2012.

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