"Today I live in the City"

Azuri has the widest reach of any PayGo solar service in sub Saharan Africa

"Today I live in the City"

Azuri has the widest reach of any PayGo solar service in sub Saharan Africa

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Energising Rural Africa

Azuri’s CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth’s TEDx talk illustrates the impact of the combination of solar technology, mobile phones and community-orientated distribution with real-life stories from rural sub Saharan Africa.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

In this TEDx talk, Simon asks us to change the way we think about electrification and proposes it is not the quantity of energy that is of paramount importance but energy access. To maximise the benefit of energy, we need to think about how to provide energy access on a broad scale, not just quantities of energy to the privileged few.

"Best-in-class solutions...specifically for today’s rural consumer"

Azuri’s new generation LED lamps have been designed specifically for African off-grid rural markets. Encased in Azuri yellow ABS plastic, the new lamps combine a sophisticated look with robust design and incorporate the latest LEDcard technology from global lighting technology leader Philips Lighting.

As many of the 600 million off-grid consumers in sub Saharan Africa experience 12 hours of darkness every night, clean home lighting is crucial in improving quality of life and optimising productivity. In designing these lamps, Azuri’s mission was to go further, to allow rural African consumers to benefit from a top quality product, whose performance and efficiency exceeds that found in most typical homes and businesses in developed markets.

To read more about Azuri’s new generation LED lamps:
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"The Blue Ocean under the Sahara desert"


Azuri enables access to safe, clean energy without families having to migrate to the cities. The foundations are already laid out for mobile network coverage and Internet access in sub Saharan Africa. The rural population has the opportunity to leapfrog the historical process of development using a combination of entrepreneurship and technology to gain access to the knowledge economy.

A sequence of enablers are being unlocked with the Azuri key:

  • The First Enabler – Mobile phone presence
  • The Second Enabler – Internet access
  • The Key Enabler – Access to decentralised power

Read the full blog piece on how Azuri is unlocking the blue ocean in the sub Saharan desert.